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Premium German Kitchen Designing

What you need to know before using our kitchen design tool?

Our unique designing tool will require you to input the dimensions for your new space and in return it will create a rendering of your kitchen space. The measurements you will need include the height from floor to ceiling, the distance between all walls, and the location of doors, windows, radiators, electrical wiring and plumbing.

Step 1: Choose your room shape

  • Choose you room shape from standard shapes included.
    • (ex. L-Shape, U-Shape, T-Shape, Rectangle)
  • If you cannot find a standard room shape that matches yours, you could draw an outline of your room to suit your dimensions in a blank canvas.

Step 2: Refine your Room’s Dimensions

  • Enter the dimensions of each separating walls.

Step 3 – Mark windows, doors or arches 

  • Mark the windows, doors or arches of the premises with following details:
    • Width (Width of your window)
    • Height (Height of your window)
    • HOG (Height off the ground)
    • Start position (Window’s starting distance from wall)

Step 4: Add Electrical, Connections and Room Features 

  • If you would you like to insert utility connections such as pipework, electric points, light switches, note down ‘Your Features’ to add to your sketch;
    • Electrical items include sockets and switches.
    • Connections include options for sink, wall boiler, stop cock, radiator, waste point, floor boiler
    • Room Features include options for sloped ceilings, soil pipe or pillars.

Step 5: Add Furniture

  • For example,  ‘Base Cupboards’, ‘kitchen tables’ can be noted as per your preference.

Step 6: Finish

  • Once the above steps are completed, the layout and sketch you’ve drafted, would be the base of our discussion for designing your own Premium German Kitchen.

What happens next?

  • You can proceed to book an appointment with us to discuss in detail. Our design experts and craftsmen will be more than happy to give their professional opinion and assist you in making any further changes to your design if required.